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Caregiver Support Assistance

Caregiver Support

This program helps informal caregivers, adult children, spouses, family members, and friends with their work of taking care of the people that need assistance with everyday things. This important assistance allows these people with chronic diseases or disabilities to keep living in their houses throughout their communities.

Respite Assistance

We have non-medical assistance for caregivers. This respite is here to give supervision, companionship, and a little assistance with the needs of a person so the caregiver can relax and rest a bit.

Personal Care Services

We have non-medical care services for caregivers. This program includes assistance with Daily Living Activities (giving a bath, dressing, personal care) and Daily Living Instrumental Activities (shopping, cooking). The Washington County has an Office for Disability Resources and Aging People. The Office will take care of the cost for these services and for all in-home services that are approved. A small donation an hour helps a lot to continue the support of these services. Only $5.00 per hour is needed, which is not a lot. But also nobody is going to be denied help because they were unable to give a donation.

Social Adult Everyday Services

Social adult everyday service programs give care to weak and disabled adults in a monitored group environment or community. Services include activities related to socialization, supervision, monitoring, and help with nutrition. Programs also give personal care with hands-on help with mobility, toileting (help with incontinence), and eating. All of the participants are given an individualized care plan. Before deciding which care plan to give an assessment of the person and their needs is mandatory. Social adult everyday services give a rest to caregivers and allow particularly working caregivers to unwind. An hourly donation is needed, to support the maintenance of these services. Only $10.00 a day is necessary, which is reasonable. But also everyone will be given service even if they didn't give a donation.

Support Groups

Washington County Office for Disability Resources and Aging People has an experienced staff that can facilitate a support group for caregivers, once a month at:

  • The Center for seniors for both Kingsbury and Fort Edward's area
  • Oak Street number 78 in NY, Hudson Falls 12839

Medicare Fraud Assistance for seniors

What is this service?

The SMP, known as the Senior Medicare Programs, helps Medicaid and Medicare users to avoid, notice, and stop healthcare fraud. While doing that, they protect, not only older people, but they also preserve the principle of the Medicaid and the Medicare programs. Their most important goal is to educate Medicare users to protect their identity, notice and report mistakes on the healthcare bills as well as identifying deceptive healthcare activities ( illegal marketing, giving unnecessary and inappropriate services). In some situations, SMP can do more than just educate. When Medicaid and Medicare users are unable to react by themselves to these problems, the SMP cooperates with the family and family caregivers to fix the problems. Also if needed, SMP gives advice about other organizations which can intervene.

Who is qualified?

Anyone who thinks that fraud/abuse is happening can report their issues to the office or the SMP phone number.

What is the cost?

SMP is free of charge.

How can I apply?

To report a Medicaid and Medicare fraud/abuse call the office and someone will help you. You can also call by yourself at: NYS Medicare Fraud Hotline Number 1-877-678-4697

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