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The Tradition of Washington County

Washington County has a history filled with interesting events and it is a great starting point for various tourist activities. A big number of well-chosen museums show the often crucial local events which have influenced the county and national history. Other museums tell stories of the people that have had a big influence here. You can also find tens of historically important homes, buildings and sites to visit. Included in this offer there are four famous covered bridges as well as a historic footbridge.

  • Washington County is a place where the United States Navy was being developed in its early stages.
  • US Rangers

    Whitehall, New York, is one of the places where naval and water operations on the Lake Champlain were undertaken first by the American Continental Army with the guidance of Benedict Arnold. It must be said that George Washington's and Benedict Arnold's maneuvers were controlled and officered completely under the command of the American Continental Army. Washington's and Arnold's command were not separated by the Congress as the Continental Army and the Navy. Even though there was no official separation The US Navy began as a part of the Continental Navy, and not as a part of the Continental American Army.

  • Washington County is thought of as the "spiritual home" of the US Rangers.
  • Rogers Island is on the Hudson River in Fort Edward, NY. Rogers Island was once a part of the third biggest city in colonial US and Canada, and it is considered to be the "spiritual home" of the US Special Operations Forces, especially the US Army Rangers.

  • Solomon Northup– his life story was created into an Oscar-winning Hollywood title.
  • Solomon Northup was born on July 1808 and he was considered to have died in 1863. He was a free-born black man and he lived in New York. He was the son of a former slave. Solomon Northup was married to Anne Hampton. They got married on Christmas in 1828 and they started their life living in the Old Fort House which is now a museum located in Fort Edward. Anne was formally employed by the Reverand Alexander Proudfit of Salem. From time to time she was also working at the Eagle Tavern as well as Sherrill's Coffee House which is in, now, Hudson Falls.

  • Susan B. Anthony and her childhood house.
  • Since Anthony was six, her family came to live in Battenville, NY. Her father was a manager of a big cotton mill. Before that he had worked in his small cotton mill. At seventeen years old, Anthony started going to a boarding school named Quaker, in Philadelphia. There she was unhappy because of its harsh atmosphere.

  • Underground Railroads and the prominent actors.
  • Many slaves used the routes that went through Washington County. One community especially, Greenwich, was very prominent in the activity that was later called The Underground Railroads. Homes of passionate Greenwich abolitionists can still be seen on the Park Street. The most famous of them are William H., Henry Holmes, and Angelina Mowry.

    Covered Bridges
  • About the Covered Bridges of Washington County.
  • Washington County is the home of the most covered bridges in New England – concentration is the highest in only one county. We have a Covered Bridge in Shushan, which now is a museum, Covered Bridge in Buskirk, Covered Bridge in Eagleville, Covered Bridge in Rexleigh and Foot Bridge in Rice Seed. The covered bridges were firstly made for people, animals, and things moving over water – three bridges go across the Batten kill river. The word is from the Middle Dutch word "kille", which means "riverbed".

  • Slate Valley and its color.
  • Granville, NY is the home to the Unfading Red - a red slate that does not change its color over long periods of time. Dense and hard slate is still mined in Washington County. It is usually found in roof works with colorful patterns and interesting designs. Unfading Red may also be a brittle slate, making it even more expensive to mine and adding to its already high cost. The NYS stone used in the Washington Monument is a slate which came from Granville, NY.

  • Rice Seed and Jerome B. Rice.
  • Cambridge is the home of Jerome B. Rice who was the owner and he controlled the second biggest seed producing factory in the US. This is even more impressive because he did this complicated task while he was wheelchair bound.

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