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Lake Champlain

The following activities should find a place on your must-do-list when traveling to the Washington County. The countless miles of streams and lakes simply leave no choice than to use a canoe or kayak. Let’s not forget rafting, as well. Then, make a list of all places you have to pay a visit to. Begin with the Hudson River, then continue with the following lakes: Pine Lake, Lake Nebo, Cossayuna Lake, Lake George, Summit Lake, Lake Champlain, Lake Lauderdale, and finally the Champlain Canal, and Copeland & Hadlock Ponds. If fishing is your great passion, then the following location will match your expectations: the Batten kill, Mettawee Rivers, and Poultney. The Feeder Canal, which supplies the water to the Champlain Canal from the Hudson River, can be accessed by foot, bike or water. Don't worry because the water isn't too deep. On average less than 4 feet.

If you want to travel along the canal with your boat, then the Champlain Canal should be your #1 choice.

The Fort Edwards represents an excellent docking facility for yachts. You will certainly appreciate free water supplies, picnic facilities, and boater hook-ups. A bit farther to the north, you will find access points for canoes and kayaks. The Whitehall Village has a remarkable reputation thanks to the useful public launch sites for boats, including the Harbor Park. The Skenesborough park is an extremely popular place with lots of barbecue facilities. You will also appreciate the direct access to the main street shopping and dining locations. The Friday evenings are reserved for summer concerts that are free to attend.

Lake Stevens

The Carters Pond’s, the Moses Kill, and Cossayuna Lake are well-known NYS boat launch areas. If you are looking for an impressive wooden fishing pier the Town of Dresden won’t disappoint you a bit. Its 300-foot long pier can provide you with an access to both the Champlain Canal and Lake.

Lake Lauderdale and Huletts Landing are the most popular parks in the Washington County. The Lake George, which is also known as the “Queen of American Lakes”, contributes a lot to the popularity of Huletts Landing. This park has both a small boat and canoe launch. Let’s not forget a couple of beautiful tennis courts. If you want to pay a visit to the Huletts Landing, then hit the Route 6B. Then if the Lake Lauderdale is the next on your must-go-and-see list hit the Route 22. There’s no boat launch, but you will be delighted with the great fishing park of hundreds of acres. Both parks come with the playgrounds for volleyball, basketball, and horseshoes. These parks also include lovely picnic tables, walk-in cooler, electricity, and the BBQ pits. The Greenwich Town Beach is on If you follow the State Route 29 you will reach the town beach of Greenwich. Here you can find comfortable pavilions, BBQ grills, volleyball, and basketball playground. The most important thing is that you and your loved ones will be able to swim all day long.

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