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Washington County is about:

Agriculture, History, Culture and the Great Outdoors.

About Washington County

County’s townships

If you are looking for the astonishing beauty of both man-made and natural attractions, then the Washington County is the right place for you to be with your loved ones. Its location is just absolutely flawless. On the east, you can see the Green Vermont Mountains.

Then, if you are headed toward the north, you will find the fabulous lakes, George and Champlain. On the west, you can find the Saratoga Springs, and finally on the south the Capital District. In the heart of all this beauty, the Washington County is located. As soon as you begin your countryside journey, you will notice the importance of agriculture for this region. This place is proud of its rich heritage. There are many businesses and sites that organize festivals, fairs, tours, and special events in order to honor their ancestors and glorious history. The local cuisine and countless restaurants’ menus are based on locally cultivated vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, cheese, bread, and maple syrup. Read more

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Plan your trip

Hiking in NY

There is something for everyone here in our Washington County.

Do you like spending time outdoors?

Do you enjoy performances of the highest quality?

You can find it all in Washington County.

Let's get familiar with the things that Washington County has to offer:

  • Go hiking in NY along the beautiful Lake George,
  • You can go trekking to Hebron Preserve,
  • Batten kill State Forest,
  • Mt. Tom, and
  • Carters Pond.
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What to Do

As soon as you step into Washington County you are greeted by the magnificent hills and the farmland beneath them. You can visit and have a romantic vacation or an exciting adventure or just a nice family holiday. You can discover local cuisine, cultural attractions, visit a local farm or just relax. Come to Washington County, NY and choose the reason for your stay. The Hudson River and the amazing Adirondacks wait for you in Washington County. You can also see museums, beautiful country roads, local farms, bridges, small towns and even smaller villages.

The Hudson River

Here is a list of event to help you:

  • Seasonal manifestations
  • Agricultural Tourism
  • Shopping and Antique Shopping
  • Sports and Outdoor Recreation
  • Parks and Wildlife
  • Tradition
  • Markets and local fairs
  • Arts and Performances
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Parks & Nature

The following activities should find a place on your must-do-list when traveling to the Washington County. The countless miles of streams and lakes simply leave no choice than to use a canoe or kayak. Let’s not forget rafting, as well. Then, make a list of all places you have to pay a visit to. Begin with the Hudson River, then continue with the following lakes: Pine Lake, Lake Nebo, Cossayuna Lake, Lake George, Summit Lake, Lake Champlain, Lake Lauderdale, and finally the Champlain Canal, and Copeland & Hadlock Ponds. If fishing is your great passion, then the following location will match your expectations: the Batten kill, Mettawee Rivers, and Poultney. The Feeder Canal, which supplies the water to the Champlain Canal from the Hudson River, can be accessed by foot, bike or water. Don't worry because the water isn't too deep. On average less than 4 feet. Read more

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The Tradition of Washington County

Washington County has a history filled with interesting events and it is a great starting point for various tourist activities. A big number of well-chosen museums show the often crucial local events which have influenced the county and national history. Other museums tell stories of the people that have had a big influence here. You can also find tens of historically important homes, buildings and sites to visit. Included in this offer there are four famous covered bridges as well as a historic footbridge.

  • Washington County is a place where the United States Navy was being developed in its early stages.
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