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Washington County is about:

Agriculture, History, Culture and the Great Outdoors.

What to Do

As soon as you step into Washington County you are greeted by the magnificent hills and the farmland beneath them. You can visit and have a romantic vacation or an exciting adventure or just a nice family holiday. You can discover local cuisine, cultural attractions, visit a local farm or just relax. Come to Washington County, NY and choose the reason for your stay. The Hudson River and the amazing Adirondacks wait for you in Washington County. You can also see museums, beautiful country roads, local farms, bridges, small towns and even smaller villages.

The Hudson River

Here is a list of event to help you:

  • Seasonal manifestations
  • Agricultural Tourism
  • Shopping and Antique Shopping
  • Sports and Outdoor Recreation
  • Parks and Wildlife
  • Tradition
  • Markets and local fairs
  • Arts and Performances

Agricultural Tourism

Agricultural tours and related festivals start from Spring to Autumn with free tours like the famous Maple Tour, the Fiber Tour, and the Cheese Tour. The Washington County Fair is a just one of the many Fairs and Manifestations which last for a week. They are a celebration of the county's agriculture. The Upper Hudson Wine Trail has a big number of Washington County's wineries, craft breweries and batch distilleries which are all spread over the county. Just bring your cooler and your picnic basket.

Shopping and Antique Shopping

Antique Shopping

Walking around the Villages in Washington County is like a scene out of a classic movie. You can go walking around the Victorian Streets, visiting a number of unique stores that give life to the main streets while you are greeted by the local shop owners. Many of them specialize in making handmade local goods like jewelry, gifts, tasty treats, and candles. Find the one unique thing that calls out your name. Only in Washington County you will see and find what was written here.

Sports and Outdoor Recreation

Washington County has all four season sports activities to offer to its visitors. In winter you can go ice fishing and snowmobiling, downhill and cross-country are available for the skiers. In summer, every imaginable sort of water sport is possible, canals, rivers, and lakes are at your disposal. Want to play golf? Several courses with different terrains and breathtaking views are open for you. The Adirondacks and Green Mountain have miles of hiking and also trekking opportunities. The famous Batten kill goes through Washington County where the trouts taunt the fishermen. You can cycle the open roads, famous for the local Tour of the Batten kill and the Queen of the Classics which is a cycling race that brings the best cyclists from all over the world to the open roads of Washington County.

Markets and local Fairs

Markets and local Fairs

To sow – to plant seeds in the land. Springtime is when the growers plant the seeds that grow into the tasty food of Washington County. The growers work hard in their fields and their greenhouses that make the scenery of Washington County. It is all within the reach of your hands.

The farmers are making tasty cheeses, homemade bread, traditional sauces and only grass-fed beef to add to our fresh selections of food. You can come over and buy corn, still warm, just picked out of the field. Get some peas from one of the many farmers’ markets, a chunk of cheese on freshly baked homemade bread. Wait for the time until we can all go and pick raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Spring is just a small showing for what the summer will bring!

The farmland of Washington County doesn't only nurture us and our appetites, but it also creates the amazing landscape shown by our local artists. The fields provide for 22,000 cows which give power to the industry of milk in which Washington County is number one in the State of New York. Ice cream, butter and a glass of milk. These are the products you must try in Washington County. Let the sowing season be prosperous and let us eat well. Enjoy an amazing view while driving on the country roads. Discover the wineries on the Upper Hudson Wine Trail, meet the hard cider makers and find all of the distilleries.

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