• Washington County

Washington County is about:

Agriculture, History, Culture and the Great Outdoors.

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Hiking in NY

There is something for everyone here in our Washington County.

Do you like spending time outdoors?

Do you enjoy performances of the highest quality?

You can find it all in Washington County.

Let's get familiar with the things that Washington County has to offer:

  • Go hiking in NY along the beautiful Lake George,
  • You can go trekking to Hebron Preserve,
  • Batten kill State Forest,
  • Mt. Tom, and
  • Carters Pond.

There is also a great variety of wildlife that permanently resides in Washington County. Bring your canoe or kayak into the exciting waters that are all around Washington County, the home of the famous Batten kill plus Mettawee River and the great Lake George. You can go biking and get familiar with the Feeder and Champlain Canal or get to know a part of the road which is famous for the race called "Tour of the Batten kill.”

As you delve into Washington County think about the people that were in your footsteps many years ago. The traveler and his carriage, they went across a bridge which was over the Batten kill and the Hoosick River. You can see several covered bridges and a footbridge here.

Washington County had a historically important role in making the New York State what it is today.

The few intriguing facts from history about our Washington County:

  • It is one of the places where the United States Navy was developing in the early stages,
  • It is considered to be a "spiritual home" of the US Rangers,
  • Solomon Northup has lived here- his story was made into a movie which later won an Oscar,
  • So did Susan B. Anthony- her childhood home since she was 6-years-old is here,
  • Henry Holmes and William H. and Angelina Mowry-heroes of the Underground Railroad, their childhood homes are also here.

The countryside of our Washington County is a home to many different accomplished art centers and organizations, which try to connect the artists and their audience.

You can see the art of the highest caliber:

  • Chamber Music,
  • Theater,
  • Cabaret, and
  • Musical Theater and Dance, which will leave you speechless, that’s a promise.

All of these performances are done in uncommon places - repurposed barns, very old Opera Houses, a Church which was made in 1840, an old Prison, a cow farm, and a real courthouse.

Farmers' Markets

The founding of the Washington County started with the soil. And even today the most important industry is agriculture.

Do you want fresh food?

Yes, we have that. With our:

  • Farmers' Markets,
  • U-Picks,
  • Road Side Stands, and
  • CSA's which are full of delicious and nutritious goodness.

Battenkill Kitchen with the Agricultural Stewardship Association teaches classes and courses from making bread to preserving food. Come and celebrate agriculture in Washington County with us every August at the annual Washington County Fair.

Walking around the villages of Washington County gives you a feeling you get when you watch a feel-good holiday movie. You and your family can stroll and visit different and unique stores that give life to the Victorian streets. All the friendly shopkeepers are greeting the new faces and offering their specialized and locally made souvenirs. Bring home something that is one of a kind for that someone unique – you.

What you can do and see here in our Washington County is limited only by your imagination.

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